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First day out on the Atomz Off the Rails (100% urban) Speed Trials at the London CycleShow07 Matthias Mrohs at the London CycleShow07 Sebastian Hoffmann at the London CycleShow07 Ben Slinger at the London CycleShow07 Danny Butler at the London CycleShow07 Marc Caisso at the London CycleShow07 Rafal Kumorowski at Fort William07 Vincent Hermance at Fort William07 Marc Caisso at Fort William07 Martyn Ashton and Chopper in the Animal Braun Cruzer Tour 2007 Aurelien Fontenoy at Fort William07 Benito Ros at Fort William07 Carles Diaz at Fort William07 Gilles Coustellier at Fort William07 Kenny Belaey at Fort William07 Thomas Oehler at Fort William07 Vincent Hermance Plouha07 Bruno Arnold Plouha07 Aurelien Fontenoy Plouha07 Gilles Coustellier Plouha07<strong> Giacomo Coustellier Plouha07 Sponge and Joe Hodges - unicyclists 2:30mn Speed Trials at the London Cycle Show 2006 6:20mn Playing with gaps (That's me for a change) - 5:34mn The Trials Show - by Ramiro and Juan Session in Barcelona - Maxi and his brother Michele 100% natural biketrials - on the sea side Old clips from Barcelona - 1mn Cesar's Biketrial School - 1mn Cambridge Ride 2005 Fabfour, a maniac unicyclist in Brussels 2005 - 1mn Cycle Show 2005 - 3:16mn Cambridge Ride 2006 - 3mn

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