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Ryan Leech
At the Cycle show in London

The best known rider from Canada
Ryan Leech is a star in the world of Biketrials. He rides numerous demos worldwide for his sponsors and has released several videos that have reached cult-Trials-movies status.

The Manifesto or Kranked videos display Ryan's amazing balance, and focus on achieving the perfect moves. His riding style is very fluid on an old-school stock bike (nearly a regular mountain bike from Norco with a seat and even front suspension forks). Ryan also teaches trials riding across Canada and his video "Mastering the Art of Trials", is probably the best learning video if you are new to trials riding.
Riding along very thin rails and nailing very accurate moves with a cool attitude is another signature of his riding style. Check out his website for more info or to learn about his whereabouts and catch up with him on one of his trials demos...

Ryan Leech
Photos, courtesy of Derek Van der kooy

trials riding tutorials

trials riding tutorials
Photo, courtesy of Derek Van der kooy

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