Learn how to ride trials and street trials with TrashZen: this will also improve your general MTB riding skills.
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Biketrials riding techniquesPivoting 90° on the front wheel
In this technique, you should already know how to turn 90° on the front wheel and also how to hop on the front wheel.

Sometime useful for better positioning, but mostly to show off.

mountain biking and biketrial skills
1° Move your body slightly off-centered, towards the fall by twisting the waist.

mountain biking and biketrial skills
2° Carry on turning on the front wheel, with the back wheel well lifted in the air.

mountain biking and biketrial skills 3° In one hop on the front wheel, eject yourself from the wall and carry on the twist.

While pivoting on the front wheel, to 90°, keep the rear wheel well above the horizontal, until you have decided to push-up on the front wheel to carry on the twist. Else, with the rear wheel too low, the front wheel tends to stick to the edge and you 're up for a crash on your back. See this move in a video

Landing smooth?
In the air, pull the bars towards your chest to stabilise the bike in front of you. Let the back wheel hit the ground first, with the rear brake "on" to gain extra damping power with the "bottom bracket-to-rear-hub" lever. Use the spring of your legs to absorb most of the impact, then lowering naturally the font wheel to the ground by extending the arms. Here again, fat low pressure tyres are more comfortable.

trials riding video
A stylish way to come down

trials riding video
Slow motion style

trials riding video
Fluid motion

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