Trials riding tutorials to learn bike trials and improve your mtb riding skills.
trials riding tutorialsLifting the front wheel
Like starting a wheelie, but without pedalling further than a 1/4 crank turn. This move is very basic, but a starter for many other moves like pedal hop transitions, static hops, and so on. Once you can lift the front wheel on a flat surface, try it out in slopes, or uneven zones. It all becomes more complicated and interesting.

trials riding tutorials
1° From a static position, good pedal higher, lean back, with the arms extended and knees half-flexed.

trials riding tutorials
2° Start pushing progressively in your good pedal, less than 1/4 crank turn while pulling on the handlebars.

trials riding tutorials
3° Carry on pulling on the handlebars, you end up with both pedals aligned on the frame chainstay, brakes on.

Always lean backwards, your bum over the rear hub, so that pushing on the pedal will not move the bike forward, but instead will turn the frame around the rear wheel (effectively lifting the front wheel), while rolling the rear wheel to compensate the rotation. Only use the rear brake once the front wheel is totally lifted. See this move in a video. Also check out the move on a mod bike.

More tips
When you just push on the pedals progressively while releasing the rear brake, the front wheel will lift up, the whole bike rotating around the rear hub, but not moving forward. The rear wheel can stay on the same place because you release the brake while lifting the front wheel. Once you are on the back wheel, use the brakes to stabilise the bike and get your feet back to a comfortable horizontal position. If the front wheel falls back, then you can lift it up again, by releasing the brakes again and pushing slowly on the pedal, while leaning backwards. With this type of control technique, you can lift the front wheel at any level you want. The next step is to do some pedal hops forward. That is, using the same technique but with a pedal kick instead of a progressive pressure in the good pedal.

biketrials video
Turning around on top of things

biketrials video
some wicked training

Bouncing on the back wheel
Once on the back wheel, jump on site while extending keeping the arms firm on the handlebars, bringing the bike with you, while tucking the knees and lifting the feet to let the bike go up with you. In the beginning, you will hop backwards, because of balance problems. Try to relax and only bounce using your calfs rather than pumping with your arms. Once you get to two hops, you are on the right tracks. To get the feel, you can start with the back hop technique. The same move but exagerated. By combining endo and balance on the rear, It's possible to turn around and move the bike anywhere.

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