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Biketrials pedal hopWith the crank bash plate
A tricky way to climb high obstacles with a flat edge, is to bunny hop or pedal hop, and land the bike right across the edge, stabilizing it with the crank bash guard or your good grippy pedal.

Gripping the bash plate and pedals...a scratchy technique

mountain biking and biketrial skills
1° Land your crank bash guard on the edge, reaching your good pedal on top of the obstacle, gripping the edge.

mountain biking and biketrial skills
2° Follow the move by folding the knees and bringing your shoulders forward above the edge, to avoid falling back.

mountain biking and biketrial skills 3° Once your shoulders are above the bars, push on the resting pedal and finish off with a static hop.

Start by pulling a smooth bunny hop or a pedal-hop onto the obstacle. Extend the arms to push the bike further and roll it with both wheels on a secure grip.
See this move in a video

trials bike video
Landing on the bash plate

trials bike video
Hooking a wall edge

What is it for?
Sometimes, you just can't climb stuff in one go because it is too high, or you want more control by going one step at a time. You need to stay in balance on an edge with the good pedal gripping, from there, you can do a static hop to go further up, or take a break and look around for the next move. Also, in some cases, it would be impossible to land directly on the rear wheel, because it's too high.

trials bike video
Keep things moving

The trick is to keep moving forward until your shoulders pass beyond the edge where you land the bash-ring (its an awkward position). The next hop is virtually done on one leg (only one pedal is resting on the edge). Use the momentum from your bunny-hop and keep moving, else it is more difficult. You really need a crank protection, else, you crank won't even last for a second try. A variation of this technique is to hook the front wheel instead of the bash plate. That's really a top notch move.

At a Pro level: pushing the move further
Experienced riders are able to run this technique with amazing precision, in zones where the margin for error is minimal and where any hesitation could result in a nasty crash. Mind focus is a key factor, and each rider will add its own style to it.

trials bike video
Andrei Burton on a slanted reel

trials bike video
Cesar Cañas going up a high gap

trials bike video
Matt Staples hooking up a bunny hop

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