Trials riding tutorials to learn bike trials and improve your mtb riding skills.

Biketrials riding techniques Freestyle 180° or 270° reverse turn
You'll need to understand well the backhop. It starts the same, with a twist from the waist while lifting the front wheel.

A classy unexpected move

mountain biking and biketrial skills
1° Pull on the bars for a backhop, and give a strong twist like trying to look back.

mountain biking and biketrial skills
2° In the air, follow up with your momentum and realigne the bike with your shoulders.

mountain biking and biketrial skills
3° The move continues, past the realigning of the bike with your body to a complete turn.

First, align yourself as close as you can to the side you want to jump. The tyres should be virtually on the edge, or standing on the last three inches of border. Land with the back wheel first, that lets you more flexibility for the finish. See this move in a video

trials riding video
Olly goes over 360° turn

trials riding video
nearly 360°

Turning with a kick
Another way to launch these sweet 360° drop off is to give a pedal kick while throwing yourself on the same side as your driving pedal. That seems a bit odd at first, but the pedal kick gives you extra power while you start the motion with shoulder movement and a good twist in the handle bars.

trials riding video
270° landing in water

This is the kind of technique you would use for a 180° pedal hop over a gap, since you can control the kick (in a backhop turn, you mostly pull back, with less control). You'll use the same kind of move to just turn 180° on site and stay on the rear wheel.
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