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Unlucky moves and bike abuse
A crash video

Crashes in Biketrials
If you don't try, you'll never crash...but when trying out new techniques, pulling up bigger moves, or simply when the bike fails (such as chain snapping or bad brakes) a nasty crash is never far away. That's why you should not hesitate to bail out when you see it coming, and let the bike trash itself to the ground if that can save your bones. Also check out this crash compilation from t33zr and

biketrials video
rear side hop...going wrong (TZ)

biketrials video
Pedal hop...too short (Ramiro)

biketrials video
Bad brakes...ends up wet (TZ)

180° front turn drop
landing on feet (Nico)

biketrials video
splashing out a 180° turn (Nico)

biketrials video
wall body scratching (TZ)

biketrials video
crash provocation (Ramiro)

biketrials video
unlucky urban style (Matt)

...and the proper version

video from Steve
back breaker (Dean)

when bad brakes are a real pain

biketrials video
bailing out rock'n roll style (Olly)

biketrials video
chain snappage terror (Sam)

biketrials video
the perfect bail out (Matt)

biketrials video
Letting the brakes go (John)

biketrials video
Rail gap to downtube (John)

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