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With plenty of useful links and websites to learn from, surf the web to find other riders, your first bike, learn from others etc... Take part in a competition or seek some professional riders to organize a demo.

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Ruling bodies:
UCI - Union Cyclist International - www.uci.org
BIU - BikeTrial International Union - www.biketrialinternational.com
NATS - North American Trials Series - www.natrials.com

Forums about Trials Riding

Argentina - Biketrial en Argentina - www.btt.com.ar/biketrial
Australia - WA Biketrials - watrials.proboards.com
Brazil - Biketrial do Brasil - www.biketrialbrasil.com/forum
Canada - ATAQ - www.ataq.qc.ca
Czech Republic - Biketrial.cz - www.biketrial.cz
Finland - Biketrials Finland - www.biketrialsfinland/fi
France - Espace Trial - www.espacetrial.com/forum
Germany - IBC forum - www.mtb-news.de/forum/f/trial.90/
Italia - Trialmap.it - www.trialmap.it/forum
Lituania - LT for Lituania - www.gerasdviratis.lt/forum
Malaysia - Biketrial Malaysia - http://biketrial.ning.com
Mexico - Biketrial Mexico - www.biketrialmexico.superforo.net
Norway - Biketrial Norway - www.biketrial.no
Phillipines - Pinoytrials - pinoytrials.the-talk.net/forum
Portugal - Pedal.com - www.pedal.com.br/forum
Spain - Foro de Biketrial Spain - www.trials-riders.es
Switzerland - Velo Trial Club - www.vtcz.ch
Taiwan - Taiwanese biketrials - www.biketrial.tw/forum.php
United Kingdom - Trials Forum - www.trials-forum.co.uk
USA - Observed Trials - www.observedtrials.net

Trials Shops

Australia - Expressive Bikes - www.expressivebikes.com
Australia - Trials Den - www.trialsden.com
Belgium - Enter Bike - www.enter-bike.com
Brazil - Biketrialbrasil - www.biketrialbrasil.com
Canada - HB Trials - www.hbtrials.com
China - FaithBike - faithbike.taobao.com
Colombia - Pacho Trial - www.pachotrial.com
Czech Republic - Fun Town - www.funtown.cz
Czech Republic - Dressler Shop - www.dressler.cz/cs/shop
France - Game of Bike - www.gameofbike.fr
France - Serious Connection - www.seriousconnection.com
France - TrialProd - www.trialprod.com
Germany - Trialmarkt - www.trialmarkt.de
Germany - Trial-World - www.trial-world.com
Great Britain - Tartybikes - www.tartybikes.co.uk
Great Britain - TrialsAddict - www.trialsaddict.com
Iran - Biketrial Station - www.zagrosbike.com
Italy - Reckless Bikes - www.recklessbikes.it
Japan - Gold Rush - www.gdr.jp
Latvia - Trials Master - www.trialsmaster.net
Korea - Horn - www.horn.kr
New Zealand - Biketrial.co.nz - www.biketrial.co.nz
Poland - TrialShop.pl - www.trialshop.pl
Romania - Biketrial Romania - www.biketrials.ro
Russia - Crazy Bike - www.crazybike.ru
Russia - Only bikes - www.onlybikes.ru
Spain - Al4Bikes - www.al4bikes.com
Spain - Racing Trials - www.racingtrials.com
Spain - Trialsport - www.trialsport.es
Spain - To Buy Trial - www.tobuytrial.com
Sweden - Rishede - www.rishede.com
Switzerland - Trend Cycles - www.trendcycles.ch
Ukraine - Go On - www.go-on.com.ua
Ukraine - Up Bikes - www.upbikes.com.ua
USA - Webcyclery - www.webcyclery.com

Trials Bikes Manufacturers

BikeVision TMS - www.bikevision.org
Clean Trials - www.cleantrials.com
Crewkerz - www.crewkerzstore.com
Echo Bikes- echo.bike
Hashtagg - www.hashta.gg
Heatsink Bikes - www.heatsinkbikes.com
Inpulse bikes - www.inpulsebikes.com
Inspired Bicycles - www.inspiredbicycles.com
Kabra Bikes - www.kabrabikes.com
Marino Bike - www.marinobike.blogspot.com
Monty - www.monty.es
Neon Bike - www.neonbike.net
Omen Bikes - www.omenbikes.com
Onnitbikes - www.onnitbikes.com
Ozonys - www.ozonys.com
Onza - onza.com
Racing Line - www.racinglineproduct.com
Rockman Bikes - www.rockmanbikes.com
TNN Bikes - www.tnnbikes.com
Trialtech - www.trialtech.co.uk

Trials riders to watch

Abel Mustieles (Spain) - www.facebook.com/abelmustielestrial
Alastair Clarkson a.k.a Ali C (UK) - www.youtube.com/user/Butterboo90/
Andrei Burton (Great Britain) - www.andreiburton.com
Aurélien Fontenoy (France) - www.aurelienfontenoy.fr
Benito Ros (Spain) - www.benitoros.es
Chris Akrigg - (UK) - https://vimeo.com/user1089639
Clément Moreno - (FR) - www.youtube.com/user/Klemetrial/
Danny MacAskill - (UK) - www.dannymacaskill.co.uk
Fabio Wimer - www.facebook.com/wibmerfabio/
Giacomo Coustellier (France) - www.giaco.fr
Hannes Herrmann (Germany) - www.facebook.com/HannesTrial
Hans Rey - (USA) - www.hansrey.com
Jack Carthy (Great Britain) - www.facebook.com/jack.carthy
Jimmy Ertzer (FR) - www.youtube.com/user/jimmyertzer/
John Langlois - www.infinitystreet.fr
Kenny Belaey (Belgium) - www.belaey-trials.be
Leo Nobile - www.leonobile.com
Marco Hoesel - (Germany) - www.marcohoesel.de
Neil Tunnicliffe - (UK) - www.neiltunnicliffe.com
Nicolas Vallée (France) - www.facebook.com/nicolasjitsie
Nicolas Vuillermot (France) - www.nicolasvuillermot.com
Nina Reichenbach (Germany) - www.facebook.com/ninareichenbachtrials
Perrine Devahive (Belgium) - www.ilovetrialbikeforgirls.be
Rick Koekoek (The Netherland) - www.rickkoekoek.nl
Ryan Leech - (Canada) - www.ryanleech.com
Vincent Hermance (France) - www.facebook.com/vincehermance.official
Vittorio Brumotti - (Italy) - www.brumotti.com
Yohan Triboulat (France) - www.freestylair.com

Pro riders' video channels

Alastair Clarkson a.k.a Ali C - street
Andrei Burton
Aurélien Fontenoy
Chris Akrigg
Clément Moreno - street
Fabio Wimer - street
Jimmy Ertzer - street
John Langlois - street
Kenny Belaey
Leo Nobile - street
Neil Tunnicliffe
Ryan Leech
Rick Koekoek
Vittorio Brumotti
Yohan Triboulat - street

Other interesting bicycle-related sites
Parktool: repair tips, very extensive and practical.
Sheldon Brown: The largest lexis about bicycle parts and tips to fix your bike.
International Bicycling Fund: Promoting cycling as a sustainable mean of transport.
Why cycling?: basic answers to promote cycling.
Bicycle Mojo: Excellent site for old or vintage bicycle repairs and hard to find parts.
BikeForum.net with plenty of cycling categories.
Gravity Bike weird bikes with no cranks, for pure road downhill.
Ice Bike: All you need to know about cycling in freezing conditions (icy stuff).
Cyclery Hub plenty of links to other bike manufacturers and bike parts.
Recumbents: if you want to know more about these beasty bikes, here is the source.
Inspired Cycles Engineering: Trices or threecycle kart-type recumbents.
KMX Kart cycles: a sports approach to cycling on three wheels.
Hennigar: Freeride Video game developer.
VTT Freeride: couvre toutes les catégories de VTT, avec des leçons de pilotage.
Bike Kulture: Un portail d'actualité sur le VTT.
Velo 101: les calendriers de toutes les compétitions et autres évênements.
O2 Bikers: Magazine du VTT Belge (francophone et flamand).
Velo Vert: Le principal magazine VTT en France.
World-VTT: un site multi-rédacteurs et diverses contributions.
VTT Net: un site complet avec beaucoup d'info.

Touring around the globe
Ze Movers: Julien (TrashZen's webmaster) and Marta cycling across Latin America.
Fully Loaded Touring: a nice picture gallery of touring bikes.
Ride South: read some of the best touring accounts from Dave.
Down the road a couple who left in 2002, cycling around the globe.
Cycling around the world great site with loads of tips and places visited.
Eric and Joan again cycling around, for couple of years.
Serge Leret 4 years, 42000km around the globe, still going (diary in French).
Bicicletos a group of people cycling around the world (diary in Spanish).
Hot Shower List a world wide web directory of hot showers for cyclists around the globe.

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