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TrashZen has been designed from scratch as a comprehensive online tutorial to help mountain bikers and riders of all sorts improve their riding skills. At the time of launch, there were simply no illustrated tutorials available on the web, and that was exactly what I would have been looking for when I started trials riding.

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A detailed analysis of each move, as I came to understand and practice them, will help beginners crack some of the non-trivial or counter-intuitive techniques. All the basics are covered with extensive tips and videos (the best way to learn any move is still to see it performed by other riders).
Most advanced/expert riding techniques are also covered, and new pages are being built as the techniques evolve. If you feel some techniques are missing or could be better explained, let us know. Your feedback is always welcome.

Why TrashZen?
Well... It's all about trashing your bike around, but with the Zen feel of full control in the air. It is like if time had stopped during these little tricky instants of zero gravity, during a big gap jump or sweet move... Not very clear?...hmmm... well... Take it as the Zen side of Trash... ride trials, you'll get a clearer picture.

Julien (the webmaster)
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If you would like to sponsor some of these pages with MTB or trials' specific material, you can get in touch with us through the Feedback/Email page.
Else, enjoy the tutorials and get on that bike to sort out your skills!

Maintained since 1998
Most photos and videos by local friends, unwilling relatives, and myself (using tripods).