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unicycle trials or unitrials


Unicycle Tricks
Like Trials riding, unitrials is all about hopping on any kind of obstacles like a mighty goat. But there is plenty more than just useful techniques. A long list of tricks and odd moves will help you spice things up and get more street cred...
As always, practice in a place where there is nothing fragile to smash or crash into... because it can all go out of control.

unicycle wheel-walking
Joe Hodges walking the wheel.

A few tricks to show off
as if unicycling was not just enough.
The wikibooks list hundreds of Freestyle and Street tricks. Some of the most commons and basic are listed below. Tutorials will follow as the site expands.

slash The pedal grab: Sidehop and hook your front pedal, then hop again to rubber.
slash The 180 unispin: Jump off the pedals and spin the whole uni while hovering over it.
slash Crank flips: kick a full pedal turn in air (after a big hop).
slash Wheel Walking: while seating, take out your feet of the pedals and push on the wheel, one foot after the other.
slash One foot riding: as it says on the tin.
slash Crank Grind: that's on rails and sharp edges, BMX style.

What pressure for the tires?
It depends on the ground and the sharpness of the edges you climb on. The sharper the edge, the more inflated you want the tires so that you don't get a double pinch flat when banging the back wheel on it (the unfamous snake bite, rim rails pinching the tube against an edge). For round blunt obstacles like wood logs, less pressure gives extra gripping because the tire can literaly grab the edges and shapes. less pressure also gives extra bouncing for landing, and is more comfortable. For unitrials, Fat tires are the best and allow a lower pression than thin tires, so more comfort and more grip.