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Depending on who you know, you can organise some trials demos alongside some local events. All you need is about 20meters square and a dozen of heavy pallets plus a few big lorry tires, or some platform tables.

indoor demo

at a trade show

in a theatre

Once in a while we get contacted by some event organisers for trials demos. It's a nice way to spend the saturday or sunday, riding about 15mn every hour, with a brand new zone just set-up for us, plenty of configurable tracks to play with. It's great to have some public, if the atmosphere is good you can do more than the usual tricks.

Some demos we did at public events
Dring-dring Velo and others Some bike or sports related event, with main roads blocked to traffic. Once, a youth theatre association contacted us to ride on stage. The play, Ruina Fel Couzina, was a weird mix of breakdance, hip-hop, and trials action in an urban setting, with kitchen furniture to climb on, and a final 2.05m frontal drop from a cupboard. The public was going mad, we did five or six representations...
A l'aise ...les gars...a l'aise...maybe more events to see at lezarts-urbains
Trade Show demo, just to bring some animation.

Organised biketrial demo teams.
there are professional demo teams all geared to come along and setup or animate a biketrial demo for you. Operating accross the UK, you'll find the M.A.D team or ThinkBikes. Try also RJ Ride Guide to promote biking safety through trials.
In France, check out the VTT Trials Show from Thibaut Marriaux and the animations from the Coustellier brothers.
In Canada, you've got the Team Simtra, and of course, world wide, top notch riders ride demos as they travel from one competition to another or to promote their sponsors. Check out the Belaey Trials Team and also Ryan Leech's website.