of the riders showing all the nice moves...

slash Chai: another top notch urban mod rider from the London scene.
slash Denis is from a new generation of trials riders in Brussels. Improves steadily, doesn't like natural zones.
slash Fabfour is the first unicycle trialist in Brussels, making us pretty dim in comparison. This is definitely an interesting variation of trials to check out.
slash Fred lives out of Brussels, often seen at Belgium competitions. Comes over once in a while to Brussels. He is really good and does a lot of dirt as well.
slash John: also based in Cambridge, does some kind of experimental riding on his mod bike.
slash José rides a 20" bike simply because he started trials with that. Impressive bunny hopper and side hopper.
slash Juan practices frantically on his 20" mod bike. He is excellent for tracing new chaotic zones. According to him, you'll never practice enough. So get on your bike now!
slash Julien builds and maintains TrashZen (that explains the funny roadwork trousers).
You can get more info about this website by sending me an email Else you can also sign-in your comments on the guestbook, all of us will appreciate.
slash Matt: a rising star in London, rides nearly indifferently mods or stock bikes.
slash Mehdi (aka Chimpy), gets most of his inspiration from trials, to deliver stunning graphics and photo effects. Visit the Gallery to check out some of his work.
slash Nico has just bought his first trials mod early 2003, a 20" monty. Impatient to learn cool tricks, still learning the basics.
slash Olly rides both a mod trials bike and a BMX, and confuses newbies by mixing all styles in the local skate park.
slash Pépito is now the first mountain bike trials rider in Brussels
(he coaches some other mtb riders into trials).
slash Ramiro is one of the many trials riders in Barcelona. He occasionally runs the mondial on a 26" Monty. For 2002, he got first ranking in Spain in the Expert category. Very smooth style.
slash Wing: a rider based in Cambridge, (now in Bangor for most of the time).

Some of the Pro riders out there...

slash Andrei Burton: a top notch British stock bike rider.
slash Ben Savage: the real spirit of natural trials.
slash César Cañas: short presentation of a trials legend. Over 12 times world champion.
slash Kenny Belaey also several times world champion riding both 20" and 26" bikes.
slash Thomas Oehler: number one rider in Austria, not just in street riding.
slash Waynio: alternates between 26" and 20" bikes, just more fun into it.
indoor demo at a trade show in a theatre
Depending on how you get your way around, you can organise some trials demos alongside any local events. All you need is about 20 meters square and a dozen of heavy pallets plus a few big lorry tires, or some platform tables. Once in a while we get contacted by some event organisers for trials demos. It's a nice way to spend the saturday or sunday, riding about 15mn every hour, with a brand new zone just set-up for us, plenty of configurable tracks to play with.
It's great to have some public, if the atmosphere is good you can do more than the usual tricks.
Some demos we did
Dring-dring Velo and others Some bike or sports related event, with main roads blocked to traffic.
Once, a youth theatre association contacted us to ride on stage. The play, Ruina Fel Couzina, was a weird mix of breakdance, hip-hop, and trials action in an urban setting, with kitchen furniture to climb on, and a final 2.05m frontal drop from a cupboard. The public was going mad, we did five or six representations...
A l'aise ...les gars...a l'aise...maybe more events to see at lezarts-urbains
Trade Show demo, just to bring some animation.