Just anything can break: Send us more of that trash.
Azonic stem - Harry Bomb-proof bikes do not exist. If not just from stress, or metal fatigue after years of abuse, any bicycle part will break or bend from the nasty attack of a gnarly concrete edge.

Heavy landing and crashes will only accelerate components' aging. To make the most of your bike, try to be as smooth as a cat.

Or it could just be your bones that won't take it.
Marzocchi Bomber fork - Aurelien

Samples of trashy bits.
 G Force handlebars - Julien UN52 Shimano BB - Julien Middleburn chainrings - Julien

OnZa BB - Lee Sidney stem - Aaron shimano BB - Julien

Da Bomb bash guard - John Race Face - JD mod crank - JTtrialsmonkey

ISIS crank axis - Aurelien FSA Vdrive Crank - Aurelien
disk mount hub - observed trials magura HS33 brake levers - Erik
cracked frame - cryocube snapped fork - observed trials
truvativ crank - trialsking rear sprocket - ronan

Don't let any creaking noise non-identified before you ride. It is ok if your frame is breaking at the rear, but riding with a cracking fork is not a great idea.
bars Try All Replica - Rafffel fork Echo - Bertrand
Koxx aluminium - Olivier Cannondale Fork
brake disk - Aurelien Vario frame - Aurelien

Monty Crank - Pepito UN52 Shimano BB - Julien Ringlé seat post, scary!

BB - BDC BikersShimano crank arm - JulienOrange Zero Frame - Julien
Sunn Crank - PepitoDMR pedal wearing offMonty drop out - Ramiro

Checking the bike
Not a bad idea to check the frame and fork near the welds, and find out where that creaking comes from.
Also check the frame around the bottom bracket frame cage.
For the bars, chromoly will bend before it cracks, whereas aluminium just snaps with no warning. So it can be wise to replace your handlebars once a year if you do a lot of heavy landing.
More metal fatigue
Sunn Trial chromoly - PepitoKoxx aluminium - Fred Echo Urban fork - Steve