Learn how to ride trials and street trials with TrashZen: this will also improve your general MTB riding skills.
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RushWay trials mechanics

Organizing a trials demo

You can easily organise trials demos alongside some local events. All you need is about 20 square meters and a dozen of heavy pallets plus a few big lorry tyres, or some platform tables.

Doing demos is a nice way to promote our sport with a great public. If the atmosphere is good you can do more than the usual tricks.

Dring Dring Velo
That's an event taking place in Brussels, a full day with main roads closed to traffic for cyclists to stroll along. We got some space and raw material to do trials demos all day long. Another day, we had about ten modular platform tables to build out tracks and play around and some bike shop as a sponsor. Good fun and good public.

A construction fair in Barcelona where one of the exhibitors, Solide a Belgium company that builds scaffolds and ladders, contacted us for a demo running on their products...Hence the wobbling scaffolds zone...

La "Ruina Fel Couzina"
Played in Brussels, in Huy during a festival, and in Liege. The play, directed by Saïd Wadrassi, was a mix of break dance, Hip Hop, and trials riding in a kitchen setting. Completely surrealistic...Good fun to realise, a complete chaos...A l'aise les gars...ouais non mais a l'aise....

Organised biketrial demo teams
Most professional riders run demos when they are not riding at competitions. They are all geared to come along and setup a biketrial demo at special events.
Here are some interesting riders and demo teams to check out.

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